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Community Awareness:  By educating our community about the reality of human trafficking, we can help schools, churches, parents, and youth prevent and identify incidences of human trafficking. Our prayer is that awareness will help end the spread of this social injustice in Chesterfield, the tri-cities of Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Hopewell and surrounding counties.


Restore survivors: By providing a free 2-year residential plan for survivors of human trafficking of any demographic identity, structured through prevention, and support programming.  



We envision a community where loved ones are protected from the atrocities of human trafficking through a compassionate care model securing support, from law enforcement and judicial systems,  providing restoration for victims  and education  to community organizations, families and individuals.



Value to recognize the innate value of every human being.

Unity to promote coming together, working with and for optimal practices to accomplish a common purpose of promoting healing, restoration and re-entry into their community.

Compassion to implement the practice of empathy and understanding towards those who have had trauma experiences.

Positivity to develop the practice and mindset of embracing the goodness and potential in people and situations, finding favorable outcomes, even in challenging circumstances.

We Can’t Do This Alone…will you join us today?

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Read our Annual Report to learn more about all we have accomplished with the help of our partners:

Mission & Impact

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