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Advisory Board Biography


Joy Dudley was the former Victim Services Director for Freekind (formerly Virginia Beach Justice Initiative). In 2014, she became a volunteer advocate for victims of human trafficking after attending Freekind’s Victim Advocacy Training. While serving as a victim advocate, she co-wrote and assisted in piloting Freekind’s Offramps jail program, which has reached over 350 incarcerated women to date in five city and regional jails. She also previously served Freekind as its first case manager and subsequently developed the organization’s current case management program and policies.  Freekind’s case management program has identified and served approximately 250 unique survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

In addition to her work with survivors of human trafficking, Joy regularly conducts professional industry-specific trainings in the community, including local law enforcement and others in the criminal justice continuum, about human trafficking and trauma. She is committed to equipping her staff, volunteer victim advocates, and the community as a whole to providing the survivors they serve with trauma-informed care. 

Joy received her bachelor’s degree from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. In 2023 she completed and received her Masters in Human Services.

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